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Black & Decker

Contact Grill

Black & Decker Contact Grill is designed with a large surface area that allows you to grill large amount of food.
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Terim Electric Healthy Grill

The curved grill plate ensures unwanted fats drain on both sides of the grill, leaving only the right amount to cook the ingredients. The temperature control unit is for proper cooking and grilling at the desired temperature in order to avoid overcooking or burning the more delicate ingredients. In addition to that, the large surface area provides a constant temperature distribution across the whole surface, and it also gives you a lot of space to cook.
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Simple Eco Electric Grill

Zaigle Grill is a patented, unique designed grill that uses infrared as a way of cooking. As the heating comes down from the top source of the infrared ray, the juice is captured by cooking the meat from inside out with tasty and tender texture.
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