TAQTAQ Overview

Welcome to TAQTAQ.com, where global shopping comes knocking at your doorstep. TAQTAQ is a cross-border marketplace like no other, with the freedom to shop from 18 cities around the world, one website address, one marketplace. At TAQTAQ, you can instantly find, compare and buy from all over the world, and we will ensure to bring it to you quickly and cost effectively since we are powered by and fully integrated with the world leaders of cross-border shopping services, Shop & Ship (a service by global logistics powerhouse Aramex). Choose a product and checkout with your Shop & Ship account details and leave the rest to us. Thanks to our global partnership with PayPal, you checkout once with TAQTAQ, even if your basket has goodies from different merchants in different places. So go ahead, why don’t you TAQTAQ your next internet order today!
For any queries or more info you can always connect with us here.