TAQTAQ.com is your key to selling your products globally at absolutely no cost. TAQTAQ.com offers full drop ship support to distributors, manufacturers and wholesalers to advertise and sell their products to our database of active online shoppers located over 80+ global destinations without the hassle of worldwide logistics, thanks to the international last-mile shipping service provider Shop & Ship. Our mission is to help our partners successfully sell online, we provide the platform, customer base, order fulfillment, last mile delivery and customer support needed to help you achieve this goal.

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TAQTAQ.com Dropship
Expand your reach to our growing customer base of over 700,000 in the Middle East and Africa as we sell your products on your behalf.
Sell beyond your borders!
Sell your products beyond your country’s borders as easy as selling domestically.
Hassle Free Global Logistics Setup
You ship to one address and we arrange the rest in delivering your orders across 80+ global destinations
Clear your end-of-season goods
Increase your sales by clearing last season’s products

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