Redmile Fragrances

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Cancellation of orders: To cancel an order, customer must send a notification via the TAQTAQ Customer Support within 24 hours upon placing the order. Once the order has been processed and dispatched, cancellation cannot be processed or granted.

Returned or Exchange Request: Customer who wants to return or exchange an ordered item, such request should be notified within 48 hours upon the receipt of the item. Returns or exchange will be accepted only if the item is on its original sealed packaging. All shipping cost related to the returned or exchanged will be borne by the customer. Contact us via TAQTAQ Customer Support within the timeframe stipulated. Please note, we do not accept returns for cosmetics and skincare items due to health reasons, please make your selections carefully.

Damaged Item Received: In the unlikely event that your order or part of your order arrived in damaged condition, inform us via TAQTAQ Customer Support within 48 hours upon receipt of the wrong or damaged item. Failure to do the notification within the allotted period will forfeit any claim.

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